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Waiting For Godot by Samuel Beckett.

The masterfully written play, centered around the character Vladimir and Estragon, as they await the arrival of ‘Godot’. 

Unlike most plays, Waiting For Godot is uneventful, with even the characters telling us at one point that ‘Nothing happens. Nobody comes, nobody goes, it’s awful!’ with the play relying only on the razor sharp and at times witty dialogue to convey emotion and feeling, and at times pathos underlined with wit. The only events of the play are that of passerby’s on the road our lead characters wait upon. 

With some lack of punctuation in some of the character monologues, leave us as tired as the characters in the play must be. 

Many critics allure the character of ‘Godot’ as that of ‘God’ and that the two characters are awaiting God’s arrival. Though you’ll have to read and decide for yourself.. Overall an interesting piece of work, perhaps best portrayed on a stage with credible actors, such as Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart, who have occupied the roles a number of times on the theatre stage.