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Roberto Bolano’s collection of short stories, entitled Last Evenings On Earth.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading through the short stories, with their Cuban and Spanish heritage influences, something in my reading I had yet to come across. I particularly enjoyed ‘The Grub’ and ‘Gomez Palacio’ in which a poet takes an interesting car journey with his new boss at his new job in a school, highlighting the cultures are a stand out here.. 

My stand out piece I found was ‘A Literary Adventure’ in which one author, named Author B, has reviewed another character, Author A’s book in a not too positive light, and is surprised at the Author A’s positive review of his book.

I enjoyed the ambiguity of the character names, therefore leaving the audience to attribute the character names themselves. In the lesson we discussed our favourite pieces of the book, many of my classmates were agreeing on different possible meanings of Bolano’s work. I also enjoyed learning more about the author and hearing some of his work read aloud, and I think to find out the full meanings of Bolano’s work, as an audience I would encourage anyone to read more into Bolano’s life and his past work.