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Sniffer, is a 2006 Norwegian short film production, directed and written by the visionary Bobbie Peers.

I enjoyed Sniffer, in which the characters are living in a seemingly controlled world, full of rules, and are shackled to the ground, literally and metaphorically. With it’s atmospheric soundtrack, creates a disturbing ambience and is full of loud, seemingly orchestrated industrial noises, from car engines, to heavy machinery to the shackles on their feet and a whistle which provokes thoughts of military like precision and the lined up test subjects resembling an army barracks.

A pigeon is featured half way through the film and provides the only natural sound in the short film, serving as a representation of the main character, with it’s freedom of flight he is envious, until it seemingly commits suicide, prompting the main character to then question his own life and his existence in a world full of grey, where everyone dresses alike and are the same, a possible reflection on our own lives, chained to a world of conformity.

Sniffer, in it’s ten minute run time is an interesting watch, with everything and everyone seemingly law abiding in a miserable and bleak world and with a great ending, with a shift to a white light and a floating, lighter soundtrack, helps to make you really make you think on.

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJviDuHF64Q