The following review is of Visitation, by German writer Jenny Erpenbeck. Erpenbeck, who shot to literary prominence with her late 90s debut novel, The Old Child.

When it comes to Visitation, I found the book to be short and sweet, spanning only 150 pages, and easily read in a concentrated sitting. Interpretations of the piece differ from critic to critic, I found the piece to be rather bittersweet, unique, extremely calculated and well written with the coldness of the writer’s pen conveyed to us, the readers.

For me, upon learning of the background of the book, and which the house, featured in the book was representing time when Germany were at War, with Erpenbeck being born while the Berlin Wall was still in it’s early day, and with the writer’s background to add, the overall tone and the book took on a whole new meaning, with another level of emotion to add.

A fascinating and evoking read, whether you love it or not.